The arts alone, I’ve been told, brought in close to $110 billion or more to New York city last year — during the pandemic.

Now, what kind of arts? Certainly not the Museums. But could it be fine arts made by artists, 99.9 percent of whom couldn’t afford to stay in the city, talk less of making enough for a day’s meal? Or are we talking about performed arts by artistes in music studios, in media houses, on YouTube and in front of TV studio the cameras?

I think I’ll settle for the last, and will not throw in the…

As a potential NYC Mayoral candidate for the coming general election in November 2021, I plan to propose four ways to New York city voters, the City hall, the NYC DOT and the Governor via my campaign site and non-partisan debate venues.

The four proposals will be in this order:

  • Management — NYC subway and the MTA has too many top earning managers and executives on 200k a year than mechanics, motormen, signal staffers and cabin patrol personnel.
  • That’s a big chunk of subway yearly budget going to salaries, perks and pension. That’s got to change.
  • Infrastructural upgrade — NYC…

The pandemic has touched everything we used to know, and turned it inside out. Problem is many are not ready to wake up to this fact until we start opening back up again.

There are many things to pick up on, but for the sake of this write up, i’ll pick on two most resilient structures that in my opinion could be very very slow to adapt to a change, simply because these two structures are well known to have developed a very advanced and well balanced business model that has served it for more than two hundred years.


Infra red and other radiated emissions coming wired devices and wired connections — of which seems to be everywhere now is another thing that is another thing that is causing air and air wave saturation congestion in new York city.

Unlike gas emissions, we don’t see it, and because it cannot be easily compared to the number of vehicles on our roads or number of gas and lead pipe emissions does not mean it is not there at all. It is as a matter of fact more numerous than vehicles and their exhaust pipes put together. …

My view as a candidate for Mayor, city of New York is that congestion in New York city is as a result of two things: gas emission that we all see and smell, infra red and other radiated emissions that we don’t see or feel at all. They all contribute to global warming, harmful to our lungs because they pollute the air we breathe in, and their residue or fall back on materials degrade built infrastructures.

But the “pricing” part of what everyone seems to be talking about is upsetting and unsettling. Price gouging is a bad habit. And the…

Abbey Laurel-Smith as SmithieForGovernor NY 2022

Few weeks ago, had a couple of misfortunes whilst I was campaigning as a candidate for Mayor, city of New York. First, I got badly malwared — which took down all my nine websites at a key time when I was going around, meeting New Yorkers in all the five boroughs and trying to get on the ballot. And as if that wasn’t bad enough, my emails became hot and hyperactive, started sending out unauthorized emails to almost three million people. Then came the last straw — three of my petition collectors contacted COVID and died within a week. …

What a better time to talk about reducing carbon footprint in New York City than during the week long earth day celebrations world wide.

What a better time to talk about vehicles, lead and chemicals seeping into the ground, into waterways and into sewers — all from parks, training grounds, sidewalks and in public arenas.

What a better time to focus on reforming the NYPD by reducing the department’s carbon footprints on city’s environment, if we furnish the department with green and echo friendly equipments, bio degradable bullets, electric vehicles for the NYPD, for training at there training grounds, for…

New Yorkers, COVID-19 threw New York City into a virtually remote age faster than a stone sinking in the Hudson. Now, moving New York City forward to not only secure family budgets, but to shape the future of teaching, the future of jobs, the continuity of small businesses and the future of how we police the city, I see as duly necessary and just.

Our teachers are our best moral reporters. Pandemic to them means a shift from a teaching culture that is struggling with over-crowded classrooms, to a culture that’s been made to adopt and adapt to learning by…

Manhattan, New York City. April 11, 2021

Dear Elon Musk,

My first car was a Triumph. A British made car. I remembered it so well because it used to break down a lot. You fix one thing today, then pops up another apart, requiring either a full replacement with the same, a fine tuning or a removal — which then allows you to sort out an ingenious way of coming up with a generic replacement that would do the same, but most of the time better than what came from factory.

Good thing about this is, within a very short…

A question I have been asked a lot by New Yorkers is: Is AI threat or not a threat to the future of work and work environment in New York city?

My answer has always been in two ways. One the city, the other, the people — or those voters known as New Yorkers.

Is AI a threat to the city? No. In my opinion, I think:

  • It is a welcomed advancement for the city.
  • It is a way to improve services it currently provides to New Yorkers at a cheaper and less cumbersome cost.
  • It is a way to…

SmithieForGovernor NY

I am Abbey Laurel-Smith, a reconstructionist. I aim to rebuild, repurpose and refocus anything and everything that is currently existing.

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